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My thought on.. The Donnas


After going to a show where the Donnas and MCR played I realize... Wow the Donnas DO suck. They were good a long time ago, about 3 years ago.. are maybe longer.. when they were just a little garage band. Their music actually had GOOD lyrics and not so bad music to go along with it. Then once "Take It Off" became big and The Donnas became known, they started to ..suck. Theyre lyrics arent that great and the music.. is ..ok I guess. On stage they're a big joke, nobody can mosh or actually do anything. People just stood there while they played. And the singer.. is a joke.. she acts as if she is the best and oh so 'hot'. Some random guy had yelled, "YOUR HOT" and she came back with "Yeah i know i am" and walked away. The only person in the bad that isnt bad.. is the guitarist, Allison Robertson. She plays well and she doesnt goof off on the stage while performing.   sorry its in black and white. Thats just my opnion on the Donnas.. Im not saying its a fact.. but to me they suck. they do.

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