Carly Kyle (magic_oboe) wrote in random_rock,
Carly Kyle

Name: Carly
Age: 17
Location: Fresno, CA
Small bio: I live in the middle of nowhere. I play the oboe. I am all for animal rights. I call my savings account my "get the hell out of Fresno" money. If you're dying to know more, click here.

How you found this community: browsing through music communites.

Your five favorite bands:

[x] U2
[x] the shins
[x] the eagles
[x] doobie bros
[x] elton john

Insert random lyric here: It's a lucious mix of words and tricks that let us bet, when we know we should fold.

At least one picture here if you have one. Not required, but it'd be cool: check out my userpics here.

Promote us to either 2 people or two communities (that allow it)
and post the names here: the only other community i'm in doesn't allow ads. i got in trouble for that on another occasion.
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