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Name: Sara
Age: 18
Location: Funkytown, Alaska
Small bio: This is so general... I like the premise of this community because it's more often that I find teenagers that like the band members more than the music and that doesn't make a bit of sense to me. Also: I like dancing.

How you found this community: child_misery

Your five favorite bands: (This was far more difficult than it should have been)
[x] pink floyd
[x] curlupanddie
[x] bob marley/the wailers
[x] ccr
[x] melt banana

Insert random lyric here: 'She says that she is mine, she's my proprietress, I can't hold onto most of what I own, besides she likes to kiss and that's cute. I hug her 'til I start to hurt her; she wants to dance to pulse but I've got heart murmurs.' (Is that random? I don't know.)

At least one picture here if you have one. Not required, but it'd be cool:

Promote us to either 2 people or two communities (that allow it)
and post the names here:
imc, xblueduckx
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