Jill Elizabeth (babygurl11) wrote in random_rock,
Jill Elizabeth

Long time no see.

God I haven't posted in here in like, over a year I think. Maybe even longer, I don't know.

Well... I think I'm gonna say Blood Brothers is a cool band. lol that's the most recent new band (well, not new. New for me, I guess, lol) that I've listened to. They're pretty sweet. Listen to Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck. I enjoy it mucho.

Alright alright. I wanted to do a promo, too, and I didn't think it'd be too weird cuz music and poetry go together like a string. Sooooo go to community poetigraph and make a post, yo!

I reeeeeally need to figure out link-cuts...like being able to click on the word "poetigraph" and just being directed there. cuz this whole "go find it on ur own" won't work long for lazy kids, lol.

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